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Freeman's Bay Villa is located high up in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Galleon Beach in the Caribbean's Yachting Capital, English harbour. With spectacular views out to Montserrat and beyond this 3 bedroom rental villa is the perfect place to enjoy everything Antigua has to offer.  The 2 new Apartments/bedrooms will be complete Q2 2022.


An elegant property with breath-taking views across the entrance to English Harbour with Montserrat and if's volcano in the background.
It is impossible to enter the balcony or villa without taking time to study the amazing view. Everything that a Caribbean holiday conjures in the mind is on view here! Azure sea, sandy beaches, palm trees, lush vegetation, hills and cliffs. There is also the harbour traffic and there is always something happening to attract the eye. It is possible to relax in a comfortable chair and spend a happy couple of hours chilling, not appreciating that you have done nothing- and that is before you treat yourself to a sundowner! Oh, and please be warned, this is all accompanied by the gentle sound of waves breaking on the beach, pure magic!


The main three bedroom Villa has a wrap around balcony, open kitchen and lounge area which opens onto the balcony and covered dining area. Behind the main villa at first floor level there are two separate, self contained cottages, each with private balcony. There is also a private pool with shower and changing room.


Master Bedroom. King size Bed with en suite shower room, air con. and ceiling fan.

Bedroom 2. King size Bed, en suite shower room, air con and ceiling fan.

Bedroom 3. Either two singles or King size bed. En suite shower room, air con and ceiling fan.

Cottages 1 and 2 (available from December) Each has an entrance lobby, shower room, bed area with stunning views, a kitchen and relaxing area with private balcony. They also have a large roof terrace. Each has air con.

There is a battery bank powered by solar panels with an automatic switch to and from APUA. There is also a standby generator.

Freeman's Bay Villa: 14% Tax is included in the rate. Peak periods +40%

For a minimum 2 Bed Rental the price is as follows:                Week    Night

Summer dates - May 15th - November 14th                            $3192     $456
Winter dates - November 15th - May 14th                                $3990    $570

3 Bedroom Rental
For a 3 bed rental the price is as follows:                       Week   Night
Summer dates - May 15th - November 14th                 $4788   $684
Winter dates - November 15th - May 14th                      $5985   $855

Below available after Q2 2022
4 Bedroom Rental
For a 4 bedroom rental the price is as follows:                      Week   Night
Summer dates - May 15th - November 14th                      $6384   $912
Winter dates - November 15th - May 14th                           $7980   $1140

5 Bedroom Rental
For a 5 bedroom rental the price is as follows:                    Week    Night
Summer dates - May 15th - November 14th                           $7980    $1140
Winter dates - November 15th - May 14th                             $9975     $1425

All prices are in US$, Special PEAK rates apply for: Holidays, ACYS, Carnival and all Regattas of +40% to published rates and a minimum of a 7 night rental.

Freeman's Bay Villa: Welcome
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